Come soak, relax and rejuvenate in the year-round, natural outdoor hot spring pools at Old Town Hot Springs, right in the heart of downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Fun for the whole family, our facility is easily accessible whether you are driving, or taking a hotel shuttle and is mere steps away from the free town bus stop at Lincoln and 3rd Street.

The hot mineral spring pools have been here for over 100 years, enjoyed by the Native American Ute Indians who first settled the area and later the first homesteaders.

Hot Springs / Pools Admission Prices

All DayTwilight (7:45-9:45 pm)Pool 10 Pack
Adult $18$10$150
Youth (2-17) - $11$11$5$85
Seniors - $11$11$5$85
Under 2 - FreeFreeFreeFree

Explore Our Pools

Old Town Hot Springs has eight different pools providing different functions to the facility.

All of the water originates from the all natural Heart Spring and eventually flows into the additional pools. The pools vary in temperature from 103 degrees to our 80 degree lap pool.


The Heart Spring

The Heart Spring is the reason that Old Town Hot Springs is here today. This all-natural mineral hot spring pumps approximately 220 gallons of 102-103 degree water out of the ground per minute and eventually feeds all of the pools at our facility. The Heart Spring has been pumping consistently for more than a century. The fact that the water just happens to come out of the ground at this temperature is of unique importance. Unlike other hot springs in the area, we do not have to dilute our mineral content by mixing our water with cooler river water in order to be tolerable. The Native American Ute Indians who first settled the area knew them as “medicine” springs, frequenting them for sacred physical and spiritual healing. Later the pools were likely a gathering and bathing place for the first homesteaders. We are lucky to have the famous Heart Spring right in downtown Steamboat Springs.

The Heart Spring contains all natural minerals and is not chlorinated. The water in the pool turns over completely approximately every 15 minutes. The water contains:

Boron • Phosphate • Lithium • Potassium • Chloride • Fluoride Sodium • Calcium • Sulfate • Magnesium • Silica • Manganese

The most abundant minerals in the hot pools are chloride, sodium, sulfate, silica and calcium. Lithium and sulfate are known for their relaxing qualities.

The Heart Spring is open to anyone age 15 or older. If this is your first visit to Old Town Hot Springs makes sure to schedule some time in this pool. The Heart Spring was last renovated in 2007.


Main Hot Pool

The main hot pool at Old Town Hot Springs serves a number or purposes and provides a family friendly environment for everyone to relax and play. The water in the pool hovers around 98 degrees, providing a comfortable experience throughout the year. The shape of the pool provides lots of little corners and areas to find some privacy. There are multiple fountains in this pool and you can swim under two bridges.

On certain mornings the main hot activity pool holds aquatics fitness classes including fit for life. This unique fitness class can’t be found anywhere else in Steamboat and providse light impact aerobic benefits. Aquatics fitness classes are a great benefit of membership, but are also open to guests.

Tucked away in one corner of the main hot activity pool is our aquatics climbing wall. Featured over a deep end of the pool, try your skills at climbing this wall as water flows down beside you. It’s not too difficult to make it to the top and ring the bell, but either way an exhilarating fall back into the inviting waters of this pool awaits you.

The main activity hot pool is treated with chlorine to ensure a sanitary and safe environment for our members and guests.


Waterfall Hot Pool

The Waterfall Hot Pool is a smaller pool featuring a waterfall and 102-104 degree water. It is usually slightly hotter than the Heart Spring. Spend some time under the waterfall and let the water wash over you as your stress and worries fade away.

This pool has therapeutic jets to massage aching muscles and is open to all ages. This pool does have some chlorine however provides the benefits of natural hot spring water. This pool receives its water directly from the Heart Spring.

All ages are welcome in this pool. This pool provides a nice spot for families who are looking to experience water that is hotter than the main activity hot pool. While the Waterfall Pool has some of the hottest water at the facility, it is often in the shadow due to it’s location on the grounds. The shade combined with hot soothing water provides a relaxing environment in the summer months.


Smaller Hot Pool

The smaller 2,000 gallon hot tub pool is steps away from the Heart Spring and receives its water directly from that pool. This pool has jets to help sooth muscles and create a relaxing experience. Surrounded by flowers in the summer this small pool can provide a small private experience during slow time day or year.

The water in the small hot pool contains many of the natural minerals from the Heart Springs, but does have levels of chlorine to ensure a sanitary and safe experience.

The smaller hot tub pool is often in direct sunlight throughout the day making it comfortable during the winter months. This pool accommodates visitors of all ages and is close to our picnic table area and cafe. In the summer the pool is also next to our grassy lawn area where you can layout our enjoy some shade.


Water Slide Pool

Old Town Hot Spring is pleased to offer members and guests two exciting 230 foot water slides. The water slides provide an exciting addition to any visit to Old Town Hot Springs and are open seasonally throughout the year, but every day during both the busy summer and winter (ski) seasons.

To view the water slide schedule please click here.

After taking either of the two water slides, riders end up in the water slide pool. The water here is 42 inches deep and because of this, riders should be at least 44 inches tall and good swimmers to ensure they can make it safely out of the pool. The water slides at Old Town Hot Springs are enclosed which means children can not go down with parents and only one rider can descend at a time.

The water in the water slide pool hovers around 90 degrees ensuring both an exhilarating way to cool off in the summer, while still being warm enough for use during the winter.

Because not everyone looking to visit a hot springs is interested in using the water slides, there is an additional cost. Customers can purchase a single ride for $2 or unlimited rides for only $7. In the summer a water slide / Wibit combination pass can be purchased for $12.

The depth and size of the water slide pool also makes it an ideal place to hold swim lessons at times when the water slides are not open.


Kiddie/Shallow Pool

The Kiddie Pool is a large shallow pool appropriate for children and families. The pool is two feet deep and 45′ by 22′ in dimensions. The water in the pool is approximately 89-90 degrees.

The pool features an anchored dragon and starfish for children to climb and play on. Group of children are often be seen having a great time hanging on to the anchored floats.

The kiddie pool also serves as a main area for group and private swim lessons. It’s depth makes it an ideal place for young children to learn to swim.

Expectedly, the kiddie pool is a great addition to Old Town Hot Springs and serves as a common place for families to enjoy a swim.


Splash Pool

The splash pool at Old Town Hot Springs is a great addition for families and children looking to enjoy a day at our facility. The splash pool features slides and shooting fountain jets above a very shallow collection of water. The water in this pool hovers around 89-90 degrees.

The splash pool is the perfect place for young children and their families. In this area children are not submerged in water but can cool off during the summer months. In this pool young children can climb on the duck, frog and turtle which shoot water out of their mouths.

The splash pool is only open during the summer months.


The Lap Pool

The lap pool at Old Town Hot Springs is an important feature of our health and wellness facility and the only public swimming pool in Steamboat Springs. The lap pool features eight, 25 yard lanes and plays host to a significant number of activities throughout any given week.

The 80 degree water makes for a comfortable cardio workout throughout the year and for a majority of the day, the pool is reserved for open swimming, where members and guests can get in some laps without a reservation. Whether you’re a triathlete in training or simply swimming for the exercise or fun, check out the lap lane schedule to see when open swim is available in lap pool.

The lap pool is also home to the Steamboat Springs Swim Team, masters swimming, back to the pool and swim club. Visit the aquatics section for more information on these activities. Swim lessons also take place in the lap pool.

At the far end of the lap pool is a deep end, where members and guests can use an aquatic climbing wall.

Water Slides

Find more information about the water slides including pricing and schedule information.


During the summer months members and guests can try the Wibit floating obstacle course

Cabanas / Deck

Escape the heat in the shade of cabana, the perfect spot to hold a summer afternoon party

Safety & Guidelines

Old Town Hot Springs follows certain guidelines and policies to ensure the safety of our members and guests. This include policies regarding lighting, temperature and the use of our pools. please click here to view our safety guidelines and policies.