Those living in Routt County have the opportunity to purchase memberships to Old Town Hot Springs. Membership provides the best overall value for those who regularly use our facility. We offer a range of membership categories including: Adults, Couples, Senior, Senior Couple, Youth, Family (2 adults) and Family (1 Adult). Stop in today to start your membership!


The Benefits of Membership Include

  • Unlimited access to our all natural mineral hot spring pools
  • Unlimited access to our full service fitness center (voted best in Steamboat Springs for 7 straight years)
  • The majority of group exercise classes are free for members
  • Access to our member only locker rooms
  • Sauna access
  • Discounted massages
  • Discounted child care services
  • Towel rental 10-packs and locker rentals available
  • Discounted admission for unlimited guests!



Annual Membership – PAID IN FULL

Membership TypeTotal Annual
Family (2 Adults & dependents under 24 yrs)$999
Family (1 Adult & dependents under 24 yrs)$698
Adult (18+ yrs)$594
Senior Couple (65+ yrs)$716
Senior (65+ yrs)$461
Youth (3-17 yrs)$227


Annual Membership – PAID MONTHLY

Membership TypeMonthly AmountTotal Annual
Family (2 Adults & dependents under 24 yrs)$95$1140
Family (1 Adult & dependents under 24 yrs)$65$780
Adult (18+ yrs)$57$684
Senior Couple (65+ yrs)$67$804
Senior (65+ yrs)$45$540
Youth (3-17 yrs)$25$300


Month to Month Membership – PAID MONTHLY

Membership TypeMonthly AmountTotal if paid for 12 months
Family (2 Adults & dependents under 24 yrs)$161$1872
Family (1 Adult & dependents under 24 yrs)$90$996
Adult (18+ yrs)$70$864
Senior Couple (65+ yrs)$92$1068
Senior (65+ yrs)$59$684
Youth (3-17 yrs)$45$540


Membership Terms

  • All prices subject to change without notice.
  • Family is defined as a spouse and children under 24 years living at home.
  • Memberships paid in full are non-refundable and run for twelve (12) consecutive months.
  • Automatic Drafts – use your checking, savings, credit or debit card to set up automatic drafts for payments.
  • For individuals wanting to cancel an annual, paid-monthly membership, there will be a charge equal to the difference between the the annual, paid-monthly rate and the month-to-month rate for each month of membership used. The additional amount will be charged prior to cancellation.
  • Membership freezes are not available.
  • Lifetime Membership renewals are only available for current Lifetime Members paid prior to August 1, 2012.

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