Pool Lightning Policy

Everyone is asked to leave the pools and go to the lobby if there is a lightning strike, or thunder in the area. A lightning call lasts at least 30 minutes. No one is allowed back in the water until 30 minutes after the last lightning strike or thunder. Pool admissions are not sold during lightning calls. There are no refunds for guests who are already in the pool. However, a hand stamp is given for guests who would like to return the same day. There are no refunds on slide ride bracelets.

The National Lightening Safety Institute recommends that bathing facilities monitor storm activities, suspend swimming activities when lightning is within 6-8 miles and wait until 30 minutes after thunder or lightning has been observed before resuming water activities.

Cold Weather Policy

The Old Town Hot Springs reserves the right to close the pools in extreme weather conditions. The pools will not open if the temperature is -10 degrees or less, or if the temperature drops to -10 degrees during hours of operation. The pools will then open when the temperature rises to 0 degrees or above. This is a safety precaution for our guests as well as our employees. There will be no refunds due to weather.

Aquatic fitness classes will be held if the temperature is 0 degrees or above.

See below for the current temperature at Old Town Hot Springs. This temperature is used in conjunction with the cold weather policy to decide if the pools are open or closed.

Weather Underground PWS KCOSTEAM38

Rules & Guidelines

• Although lifeguards are on duty, parents and guardians are responsible for supervising their children.

• Individuals such as coaches and WSI’s wishing to use the facility for instruction must rent lanes in advance and have an approved certificate of insurance on file.

• For the safety of our guests and employees, Old Town Hot Springs reserves the right to alter these rules at any time.

General Rules

  1. Children under 10 years of age must be supervised by a parent, relative or person assuming legal responsibility for the child who is at least 14 years of age, and is outside the building actively watching their children. A lifeguard may request closer supervision if he or she is uncomfortable with a child’s swimming ability.
  2. Children under 44” tall may not:
    • Ride the waterslides
    • Attempt the swim test
    • Swim in the deep end of the lap pool without direct adult supervision
    • Use the Wibit
  3. Lifeguards have the authority to stop any behavior they deem unsafe or inappropriate.
  4. Patrons must take a soapy shower before entering the pools.
  5. Spitting, or blowing the nose in the pool is prohibited.
  6. Persons having any considerable area of exposed sub-epidermal tissue, cuts, or known or recognizable contagious diseases, are not permitted to use the pools.
  7. Glass is prohibited in the pools, from the decks, and in the park area.
  8. Street clothes, underwear, pajamas, sweats, or anything else deemed inappropriate as swimwear by staff are not allowed in the pools.
  9. Tobacco (smoking or chewing), e-cigarettes (vaping) and alcohol are prohibited on OTHS property.
  10. Children still in diapers must wear non-disposable swim diapers or tight-fitting plastic pants. Disposable swim diapers are not allowed.
  11. Food, gum, and drinks other than water must be kept at least 5 feet from the pools.
  12. Extended breath holding, including practices involving breathing exercises and/or hyperventilation, is not allowed.
  13. No diving, except in the deep end of the lap pool.
  14. No running on the pool decks.
  15. No throwing others into the air, riding on shoulders, or engaging in excessive horseplay.
  16. No hanging from the floating safety lines or lane lines.
  17. No hard balls, Frisbees, or large tubes and rafts.
  18. No cell phones in the pools.
  19. Please refrain from excessive public displays of affection.
  20. OTHS kickboards and pull buoys are reserved for lap swimming.

Swim Test

Children under the age of 14 must pass a swim test to play on the Wibit, or to swim laps unsupervised in the winter. Children must be 44” tall to attempt the swim test.

Criteria to pass swim test:

  • 25 yards continuous swim
  • Swim with a horizontal body position at the water’s surface
  • Must not swim in a “doggy-paddle” or underwater fashion

Upon passing the swim test the child receives a yellow wristband. A lifeguard may revoke the wristband or ask the child to take a break if he or she feels the child is unsafe at any time. Passed swim tests may be logged at the front desk and expire at the start of the following summer season.

Hot Pool

  1. No sitting or standing on the fountain platforms, or impeding the fountains’ flow.
  2. No hanging from the bridges.


  1. The Heart Spring is reserved for guests 15 years of age and older.
  2. Children under one year of age are strongly discouraged from using all spas for safety reasons.
  3. Flotation devices not attached to the body, such as rafts, rings, and noodles, are not allowed in any spa.
  4. The spas are places for quiet relaxation. Toys, swimming, splashing, or playing are not allowed.

Climbing Wall

  1. One climber may attempt a single climb, starting from the water. All others wait in line behind the floating safety line. After reaching the bell or falling into the water, the climber swims to the end of the line.
  2. No dives, flips, or other tricks off of the wall.
  3. No flotation devices or footwear on the wall.
  4. No climbing above the bell, or using the sides or back of the wall to climb.
  5. Adults may assist small children with getting started on the wall, but must not remain underneath the climbing child.

Water Slides

  1. Sliders must be 44” tall and strong swimmers to ride the slide.
  2. One person is permitted at a time down the slide. The slide attendant tells sliders when to start.
  3. Sliders must ride on their backs, feet-first, with arms crossed at the chest. Deliberately slowing down or stopping in the slide is not allowed.
  4. No goggles, flotation devices, or footwear allowed in the slide.
  5. Sliders must exit the pool at the stairs immediately after riding the slide. Catching or waiting for others in the slide pool is not allowed.

Shallow Pool

Patrons are not permitted to walk or stand on the wall dividing the shallow and lap pools.

Lap Pool

  1. Marked lap lanes are reserved for lap swimming and aquatic exercise only.
  2. Do not impede swimmers when crossing the lanes. Please go under the lane lines when moving to and from the step ladders.
  3. In the winter, children under 14 years of age must pass the swim test to swim laps unsupervised.

Lap Swimming Etiquette

  1. Lap lanes are intended for multiple lap swimmers.
  2. Two swimmers may split a lane, while more than two circle swim.
  3. Before joining an occupied lane, the arriving swimmer must inform all swimmers in the lane of his or her presence.

Lap Pool – Deep End

  1. Children under 10 years of age must be supervised in this area of the pool by a parent, relative or person assuming legal responsibility for the child who is at least 14 years of age, and is outside the building actively watching their children.
  2. Forward jumps and dives are permitted from the side of the deep end. Flips, spins, back dives, and other tricks are not allowed.


  1. Children must be 44” tall to use the Wibit.
  2. Children under 14 years of age must pass the swim test to use the Wibit without a lifejacket and direct supervision.
  3. Children who cannot pass the swim test may use the Wibit if they wear a properly fitted, Coast Guard- approved lifejacket, and are accompanied across the Wibit by a parent/guardian of at least 14 years of age.
  4. If a participant falls off the Wibit, he or she must swim, within the course boundaries, to the side of the pool opposite from the start. Climbing back onto the Wibit is not allowed.
  5. No footwear on the Wibit.
  6. Feet first down the slide.

Kiddie Pool

  1. The kiddie pool is reserved for children 44” and under.
  2. Children must be accompanied by parents or guardians.
  3. Children must ride the slides feet-first and one at a time.
  4. No standing on or jumping off the play structures, or walking up the slides.