Group exercise classes are a fun and enjoyable way to get in shape, surrounded by other like minded individuals. The environment is encouraging, supportive and understanding of different fitness and ability levels, while still providing an experience that is challenging and a thorough physical workout.

At Old Town Hot Springs, we offer more than 50 group exercise classes each week, the most in Steamboat Springs, that cover a wide range of intensity, aerobic, strength and ability levels. There are even a number of classes that take place, outdoors, year round in our natural mineral hot springs.

With the exception of the classes listed below, classes are free for members and $16.50 for guests. Everyone is welcome!

Paid Classes

ClassMember PriceMember price using punch card*Guest

*Members can purchase a 10-class punch card for 50$ Please purchase through the online membership portal or stop by the front desk.

Class Schedule

Current Group Classed Offered


Barre classes combine Pilates, yoga and ballet moves to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles without the impact and injuries dancers endure. 


We are an official Les Mills club offering BODYCOMBAT. This kickboxing / martial arts inspired class will get you punching and kicking your way to fitness, burning up to 740 calories along the way.


We are an official Les Mills club offering their signature class, BODYPUMP. Get lean, toned, and fit – fast – using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition.


Cardio, Resistance & Balances – Uses very light cardio, resistance bands, very light weights, core, and balance. Has a gentle approach to all exercises, and is designed for ages 60+

Fierce 4

One of the best interval workouts. You will do a variety of floor aerobics, (low and high), plyometrics and strength training.

Fit For Life

Held in our hot springs pools, this class is suited to those who want a gentle but challenging workout, or for those going through rehabilitation from injury.

H20 Deep

Held in the deep end of the lap pool this class emphasizes building strength through a functional range of motion with cardiovascular intervals and stretching.


Power – Balance – Strength – a unique blend of cardio work, core training, and plyometrics. This class is a lot like Fierce 4. All fitness levels are welcome.


 This class combines methodical movement of Pilates mat training with ballet movements from traditional Barre. 

Power Core

This dynamic workout offers calorie-torching cardio blasts, all-body functional training power moves, and mat work set to strengthen, lengthen, and tone – all with focus on the core.


The very popular indoor cycling class is available throughout the week at Old Town Hot Springs. Control resistance and make pedaling as easy or difficult as you choose.

Total Body Conditioning

This is a full body workout class that incorporates hand weights, bands, benches, and balls.


A Latin influenced dance/fitness class. Every fitness level can join this class. Dance background is not required – everyone can shake and move.


Old Town Hot Springs provides yoga classes for all levels that focus on correct alignment, breath awareness, and fluid movement.