Fitness Center and Aqua Fitness Classes

We offer over 45 fitness center and aqua fitness classes each week, including Yoga, Spin, BodyPump, Zumba and Pilates in the Water. Read on for descriptions of classes.

Fitness Center Classes
Aqua Fitness Classes

Aquatic exercise in all its forms can be a healing, meditative, and high-performance experience...Aquatic exercise rewards the beginner, the expert, the out of shape, and the 30 hour-a-week athlete alike...

Cold Weather Policy

Aqua Fitness classes will not be held if the temperature is below zero degrees Farenheit.  In the case of subzero temperatures, please call the front desk (970-879-1828 x 0) 30 minutes prior to class to check on class status.  See more details about our aquatics safety and guidelines here.

Class Prices

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